Cutting edge preparation and finishing

A function-oriented rounding of the cutting edge after grinding can significantly increase wear life. It is possible to use higher cutting speeds and feeds. The optimal design of cutting edge micro-geometry can be used to round uneveness and nicks in the µ-range, too. Thus, the edge stability of the tools is increased and the risk for micro break outs is minimized.

When using long cutting materials such as HSS, an adaptive deburring is performed before rounding.

After coating you have the possibility of a final surface treatment. Chip removal is optimized by improved surface roughness.

The main objective of the cutting edge preparation and finishing treatment is to make the cutting process more economical and better in terms of quality. As a result, there is increased process reliability. Longer machine running times and shorter production intervals can be achieved.

We give you the option of improving the performance of your cutting tools!