Cermet shank tools

New developed Cermet cutters for molding

Cermets are ceramic composites in a metallic matrix. The aim is to unit the positive properties of ceramic (hardness, wear resistance, oxidation resistance, temperature resistance) and metals (tenacity, impact strength). The resulting material is calledĀ  CERMET.
In contrast to conventional carbide metals (tungsten carbide), cermets are based on a composite of titanium carbonitrides.
These monolithic rotating shank tools made of cermet are sensitive high performance products for specific technological applications.


  • high chemical stability and oxidation resistance
  • high temperature hardness
  • low mass, thereby minimizing imbalance in non-symmetrical rotating tools
  • stable cutting edges with little wear for high dimensional accuracy and optimum surface quality
  • coated cermets increase efficiency


  • high-speed cutting
  • minimization of built-up cutting edges
  • finishing with close tolerances
  • improved surface quality, e.g. for sealing surfaces
  • long wear life if used correctly
  • dry machining
  • for maching various steels, aluminium, stainless steel, casting materials and plastics

We manufacture to order for you, customized for your application various monolithic rotating shank tools made from cermet in the dimensions fromĀ  0.4mm to 20mm, e.g.:

  • Cermet single-flute cutters
  • Cermet micro cutters
  • Cermet end mill cutters
  • Cermet finishing cutters
  • Cermet reamers

Various forms of front ends are possible, e.g. flat, toric, spherical and stepped versions.

We look forward to your request!