CBN - a cutting material for "hard cases"

CBN is the second hardest material in the world, next to diamond.

We manufacture tools with a solid PCBN cutting part for hard and difficult to machine materials. In the application, the resulting processes have very long wear life and the best surface finish.The solid CBN cutting part allows many constructions, such as torus and spherical cutters, depending on application. In hard cutting, this can achieve significant increases in wear life.

CBN is a promising material - economical, cost-saving and extremly precise!


  • HHC (High Hard Cutting) in dry machining
  • higher productivity due to increased number of cutting edges compared to disk tools
  • variable cutting geometry
  • complex contour tools


  • for machining of hardened steels, superalloys and pearlitic cast materials
  • finished machining of sculptured surfaces
  • dry machining in the field of 45-70 HRC

We manufacture to order for you, customized for your application, various rotating CBN full-head tools in the dimensions of 0.4mm to 12mm, e.g.:

  • CBN full-head micro cutters
  • CBN full-head cutters
  • CBN full-head reamers
  • CBN full-head special tools

Various forms of front ends are possible, e.g. flat, toric, spherical or stepped versions.

We look forward to your request!